All beginning classes for children are 30 minutes. These classes are lengthened as your child progresses in dance and is capable of working for longer periods of time. Ballet is your child’s introduction to movement and can be started at age 3. Students learn to skip, hop, jump, gallop, bend, slide and walk on their toes. They learn to clap and count to music. They also begin the study of very simple ballet steps such as curtsy, plie, releve, bouree, saute, changement and arabesque. The class also consists of warm-up exercises which stretch and strengthen. Students may start tap at age 4 and jazz at 5 years of age.

Ballet, pointe, tap, hip hop, contemporary, musical theater and jazz classes are offered for  teens  at intermediate and advanced levels. Ballet classes are one hour, pointe classes are 30 minutes, and hip hop, jazz, contemporary, musical theater and tap classes are 45 minutes. Pointe classes can only be taken in conjunction with 2 ballet classes per week.